Tuesday, August 09, 2011 06:25


The idea for Deathstock came about in September 2010. Many of the people from the San Francisco 80s music scene reconnected via Facebook and it became evident, from the high volume of postings and comments, that we all loved and missed each other tremendously. We were the 80s denizens of Nightbreak, the i-Beam, Mabuhay Gardens, On Broadway, Graffiti, Zeitgeist, the Kennel Club.

While many of us are still located in the Bay Area, a lot of us are scattered all over the country (North Carolina, Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Oregon, etc.) with one member Japan. But Facebook allowed us to pick up where we left off (regardless of geographical location)… it’s like we never parted.

The name, Deathstock, was coined by Chuck Davis of the Lawn Vultures. The thought behind it was that while we courted death in the 1980s (whether through drink, drugs, sex, fast motorcycles or some combination), many of us have cheated it by surviving. Unfortunately, there are those from the scene who did not survive and they are in our thoughts as we prepare for these events.

The 2-day Deathstock event, to be held in San Francisco September 10-11, 2011, has been in the works for many months and it promises to be an event you won’t soon forget. So keep checking this website as we continue to update and refine and be sure to let your friends in on the worst-kept secret in San Francisco!

Love to you all!