Tuesday, August 09, 2011 05:43

Fade to Black

Fade To Black was started in 1982 in San Francisco by Paulette Rees-Denis and Jeff Rees, with Brad Orgeron and Gil Ray. With an interest in poetic lyrics, trancey darkness, and moody chords, they quickly became an underground musical force in the SF Bay area. They played weekly shows in hotspots like Mabuhay Gardens, On Broadway, I-Beam, and Berkeley Square, opening for international acts The Damned, Lords of the New Church, Lydia Lunch, True West, Rain Parade, the Teardrop Explodes, Gun Club, and Sisters of Mercy.

Known to have gravelly vocals and hypnotic rhythms, with Brad at the forefront, on wailing guitar, and Paulette on melodic keys and vocals, Jeff played a thumping steady bass and Gil banged out the tribal drum beats, they were featured on radio station, the Quake’s LP, along with their own release, Corridors of Gender, and were written up, interviewed, and reviewed in many music and local zines and newspapers.

Member shifting from 1984-87 included other great musical personalities Greg Langston, Scott Campbell, David Warren, Nick Petti, Sam Henry, and Dana Woodaman. With a resurging interest in their music of the past, there is a forthcoming CD, soon to be released on Brad’s new label, Tenderloin Records.