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Fountains of Use

Fountains of Use will finally release its long awaited CD Life After Death, 27 years after it was recorded.  Deathstock and Facebook group SF 80’s has made this reunion possible. The CD has tracks on it from Hyde Street Studios, Dangerous Rhythm Studios, and live recordings, plus an interview, from Club Graffiti, broadcasted live on KUSF radio in 1983.  The music varies from the ethereal Mariposa, to the irreverent Rockin’ a Dead Horse and includes covers of Jimi Hendrix’s Are You Experienced? and Pere Ubu’s Final Solution.  The CD’s opening track 5 O’clock is a pulsing rhythm jam with David Doucet playing steel bars and supplying haunting vocal melodies while Scott Maxson’s hard-hitting drums engrave the beat.

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David, Scott, and Johnny Deatherage on guitar created Fountains of Use in 1981.  They played On Broadway, Mabuhay Gardens, The I-Beam, Graffiti, Nightbreak, Sound of Music, Berkeley Square, Ruthie’s Inn, The Receiving Studios, The Tomato Sauce Room, Fat Fonzie’s, and Lord Beaver Brooks with many bands including: Fade to Black, Defeatist Attitude, The Victims, The Imposters, Monkey Rhythm, American Music Club, Flipper, Pop-O-Pies, Wombat Suicide, Green on Red, Sex Gang Children, Faith No More, The Silvertones, and more.  KUSF frequently played the Fountains of Use single Way Out West putting the demo of that single at #1 on Celia Fate’s KUSF Demo Tape Top 5 radio show for two weeks running in July of 1983.  Christel Sweet was the manager of Fountain of Use during a big part of the band’s three-year run.  The final few shows of Fountains of Use featured Lee Shupp as a guest vocalist. David and Scott look forward to working with Lee and with Michael Feldman on drums for the Deathstock 2011 show.

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