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The Defectors formed in early 1980 and for nearly seven years performed and recorded in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Now after 27 years, the Defectors (circa 1984) will perform a short set Saturday 10 September at Deathstock 2011 in San Francisco.

1984 was a particularly memorable year for the band. Our song “Breathe to Breathe” was airing on college radio across the country and we gigged incessantly. When we weren’t on the road, we pretty much lived in the basement of Club Graffiti in San Francisco’s Mission District where we rehearsed and discussed ad infinitum the Human Predicament, Reagan and Thatcher, Holy Blood, Holy Grail, and the rise and fall of empires.

Defectors' Promo Shot

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The Defectors recorded two 7” 45 rpm records, “Cash Advance” / “Last Night” (1981; Dependent Records) and “Forever and Never” / “They Don’t Know” (1983; Zerbino’s Records), one 12” LP record, “The Defectors” (1984; Zerbino’s Records), and one 12” 45 rpm EP “Come Out With Your Hands Up (1985; O.O.F. Records). The Defectors also appeared on various compilation recordings including “Live at Le Disque” (1981; Jump Records), “SF Sound of Music Club Live” (1983; SOM Records), and “The Quake: The Rock of ’84” (1984; Starstream Record Co.). The Defectors’ final recording “Far Far Away” (1985; Prairie Sun Studios) produced by Vince Welnick was never released.

Because many artists and musicians were part of the Defectors experience from 1980 through 1986, we want to honor them by name:

MUSICIANS 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986
Anderson, David Drums X X X X X X X
Brinckmann, Josef Vocals, Keyboards, Harmonica, Guitar X X X X X X X
Cacianti, John Guitar, Vocals X X
Diurini, Chris Guitar, Vocals X X
Kirkpatrick, Bonnie Keyboards, Vocals X
Lushington, Chris Bass X X X X
Neid, Delphine Bass X
Pistel, Mark Bass, Vocals X X
Reid, Charlie Guitar, Vocals X
Richards, Graham Bass X
Salit, Stephan Guitar, Vocals X X X
Stoufer, Tony Guitar, Vocals X X
Wimmer, Jerry Bass X
Big John Bodyguard X X X
Brophy, Kathleen Photographer, Album and Poster Art X X X X
Doyle, Fern Graphic Artist X X
Ellinger, Mark Producer X
Grassia, Barbara Special Effects, Projectionist, PR X X X X
Paige, Joel Manager X X X X
Schlosshardt, Chris Stage Crew X
Vinson, Willie Executive Producer X X
Voris, Joel Stage Crew X X X
Wunderlich, Krieg Sound, Crew Manager, Producer, Explosives Specialist, Driver X X X X X X
Yrizarry, Nathan Stage Crew, Photographer X X X X